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The word "maquis" derives from the Corsican "maquisao", which means bush or scrubland. It was used after the Spanish Civil War to describe our comrades who, hidden in the mountains, continued to heroically fight the Franco regime until the early 1960's, including contributing to the fight against Nazi Germany and the Vichy regime in France during World War II. We want to pay homage to all these brave men and women; that's why we named ourselves Paintball Els Maquis.

Paintball Els Maquis is a personal venture that started in June 2005 on the same day as the founder's birthday. It all began when a few friends bought some markers (paintball guns) to play games together all around Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. The founder had the chance to meet many professionals in the industry and he found out what an incredible amount of people practice this sport, and that some of them manage to make a living out of it. That was enough to him to start making his dream come true, which is now a reality.

Paintball Els Maquis is an ambitious project that, with the support of our clients, is now eager to expand to other territories, always with our customary professionalism. Were already working with several companies, associations, city councils, public organizations and individuals, and now we want you to get involved too!

Our facilities are located in La Pobla de Claramunt (near Barcelona), and we also have a mobile paintball that will allow you to play in a urban environment. We call it Angar 18 and its an inflatable structure 40 metres x 20 metres big. Find out more at

We hope to always keep moving forward as a company and to make sure that this sport occupies a nice place in our lives.

All the best and Maquis!

I would like to thank to everyone who supported me in moving this project forward and who, in some way or another, have helped make it all possible. To all of you, THANKS SO MUCH